Repair shop for electrical equipment

To satisfy the needs of repair and maintenance of industrial electrical equipment, Grupo Dragón has a large well-equipped shop, one-of-its-kind in the Golfo San Jorge basin.

It is located on a piece of land of 20,000 square meters, of which 6,000 are covered and dedicated to the repair of electrical equipment.

The work carried out in the shop includes the repair of all types of electrical equipment, of which we can mention electrical motors between 220 and 1000 rated voltage, protection and operating cells in 1 and 10.4 Kv, motor starters for pumping units, power transformers, repair of 1 Kv oil-bath switches, and the construction of control panels.  The facilities have coil winders, a dynamometric test bench for electrical motors and generators, electrical instrumentation test lab, two pits for extracting liquids from transformers, sanding and painting equipment for cabinets and motor housings, motor wash-room, work-benches for assembling control panels, repair of cells, coordination of electrical protection systems, and two overhead cranes with 5 and 20 ton capacities respectively.