Aspect and capacity of our Works

The sum of the human and technical resources of each of the companies that integrate the group, convert Grupo Dragón in one of the companies in the energy industry with the greatest capacity to satisfy the variety of works that it demands.

• Construction and installation of pipelines and gas lines.
• Installation of surface facilities.
• Installation and removal of electrical lines.
• Installation, operation, and maintenance of compressors.
• Construction of petroleum storage tanks.
• Construction and installation of transformer sub-stations.
• Automation of facilities.
• Design, installation, and commissioning of cathodic protection systems.
• Electro-mechanical and civil constructions.
• Construction of tanks and batteries.
• Construction and assembly of facilities for the production of gas and petroleum.
• Pre-fabricated constructions and piping
• Laying out pipelines.
• Assembly and maintenance of eolic farms.